• Gemelli Jewelry Pearl Stud Hair Tie with Vegan Pearls and Silver Ball Studs in Dark Rainbow
  • Model wearing Gemelli Jewelry Hair Tie with Vegan Pearl and Silver Ball Studs in Cheetah Print
  • Pearl Stud Hair Tie in Dark Rainbow

Pearl Stud Hair Tie in Dark Rainbow


These adorable vegan pearl and silver ball stud hair ties are 100% our favorite summer accessory. They are thick enough that they do not slip or pull and the studs are fastened to the elastic so they will not pop off!

Wear it on your wrist as a bracelet and you'll be ready to throw your hair up in a messy bun at a moment's notice!

Each tie is 1" thick and 3" long (4" including the knot) and made of stretchy elastic to fit any hair style. 
Available in Green Camo, Rainbow Tinsel, Blue Tinsel, Purple Tinsel, Black/Silver, Cheetah, Dark Rainbow, and Blue/Red, Black/Red, Green/Red, Black, and Silver Tinsel.